Held at the Clarence Arms, Sept. 6.

Worth a passing notice, to record how nicely things of this kind can be done in a village surrounded by a good neighbourhood, by obtaining a suitable place, and having the services of an efficient secretary, such as Mr. Sanders, who has served the office twelve years.

Three sides of a bowling-green covered with canvass on the leanto construction, the fourth side arranged with seats, afforded good room for productions and visitors. A tent, with tables in the middle, served to display a very pretty collection of fruit; and a recess was appropriated to some very creditable cottagers' productions of the usual character. The articles were of a very miscellaneous character - Orchids, stove and greenhouse plants, cut flowers, Dahlias, Liliums, Fuchsias; in fact, something of every thing that is in season, and some things that are not so at present, such as Pansies, which were very small. One thing we were delighted to see, viz. Cloth-of-Gold Rose every thing in colour that Mr. Rivers describes it to be when at its best. It was beautiful. There was present also a most elaborate design for a flower-garden, in which the artist had introduced not only the usual beds furnished with flowers, but the mansion itself, fountains, and a couple of temples, in one of which the proprietor was sitting with his lady; and if there was no expression of satisfaction seen in their faces, we presume it was owing to the hat and bonnet, which hid their features.

We observe the artist, with great judgment, had introduced neither dogs nor children - those enemies to order in the flower-garden.

Teddington Horticultural Exhibition 18490035