White-Ground Varieties

Queen of England (Fellowes), Almanzor (Le Messurier), Helen (Hunt), Mrs. Beck (Turner), Miss Thomson (Thomson), Duchess of Rutland (Thomson), Penelope (Thomson), Caroline (Thomson), Sir R. Peel (Bragg), very fine; Climax (Bell), Princess (Turner), Ariadne (Cook), Mrs. Hamilton (Nasmyth).

Yellow Or Straw-Ground Varieties

Constellation (Thomson), Bellona (Hooper), a large variety; Rubens (Turner), Miss Edwards (Turner), an early flower; Duke of Norfolk (Bell), the boldest flower in cultivation; Supreme (Youell), Addison (Turner), Leader (Hooper), Juventa (Hooper), a large variety; Lady Franklin (Thomson), Mrs. Bragg (Bragg), Viceroy (Turner), Example (Turner), Mr. Beck (Turner).

White Selfs

I can report nothing very excellent. Snow-flake (Thomson) has shape, but requires smoother edges; White Sergeant (Cook) was more purple than white, being much mottled: even moderate whites are in request.

* See report.

Yellow Selfs

Ophir (Widnall); this flower is by far the best early yellow; as the season advances it sadly degenerates, and at the present time its shape is very deficient. Emma (Lane), Malvern.

Dark Selfs

Disraeli (Hunt), Rainbow (Hall), Lucy Neal (Scotcher), Sambo.

In the above list there is variety with quality in an eminent degree; and I may safely assert that it would prove impossible to select a number of varieties that in combination could surpass fair-grown specimens of the above. If any one inclines to begin the enjoyable pursuit and employment of Pansy-growing, he will require very few beside the varieties here enumerated; and further, a stand of twenty-four selected from them would defy competition for quality of flower. That grower who does not possess every variety above mentioned should lose no time in procuring them, although perhaps there may be some difficulty in obtaining all of them until the autumn. If entire satisfaction at blooming-time does not follow, then let the purchaser blame.

Wace Cottage, Holloway. John Edwards.