I read Dr. Maclean's papers on the Tigridia with great pleasure; and I hope it will encourage that gentleman and others to communicate information through The Florist, when they learn that I procured some bulbs, and, following his instructions, I have had a very beautiful display in a small bed I planted them in. Transient as the individual flowers are, the constant succession compensates for this drawback - if drawback it may be called, which I dispute; for my little collection seems always in bloom. As flowers for bouquets, of course the objection holds good, as they are useless for that purpose. I venture to offer these few observations in answer to the challenge for your readers to make your pages the medium of communication with each other on interesting facts. Mine is indeed a trifle. May it encourage others more able and with better funds of information than I possess! Avon.

August 14th, 1849.