Remove the top and side-cloths directly the blooms fall. When the foliage turns brown, and the stems will bend without breaking, the bulbs will be fit to take up. Let great care be exercised in not exposing them for one minute to the rays of a hot sun, which would surely damage or destroy them. Morning or evening is the best time for taking up. Let the bulbs be exposed to the air; but it must be in a cool, dry, shady place. Wycombe. J. Hunt.

Windows, doors, and walls that may be overhung, as represented in our pretty woodcut, with Roses, Jasmine, and other plants, should be now attended to; for, by going over these climbers, and tying-in the shoots here and there, their wantonness will be restrained without impairing their negligent beauty, and the eye will detect what the hand should destroy, the caterpillars, which will otherwise soon commit serious ravages upon every rosebud within their reach. We close this Number with our repeated thanks for an additional supply of subjects for our wood-engraver from the same fertile source which has hitherto so liberally helped to adorn our pages.

Tumps 184900231. Kendall's Princess Seedling.

1. Kendall's Princess Seedling. 2. D°_____Sanspareil.

3. DP____Richard Cobden.

4. Henderson's Carlotta Grisi.