This is really a handsome greenhouse bulb, of easy cultivation, and flowering regularly every autumn. I can strongly recommend it to such of your readers as do not already grow it. My plants are just now coming into bloom; their rich scarlet flowers are truly beautiful, and very attractive in the greenhouse at this season of the year, when arranged amongst Camellias, Epacrises, and the general assortment of greenhouse-plants, which are now brought under glass for the winter. In planting, let the bulb be set almost on the surface of the mould; for they are often injured by being too deeply planted. The soil should comprise equal portions of turfy loam and peat, with a fair quantity of sand; the pots should be well drained, and deeper than those in common use, for the roots of all bulbs penetrate to a considerable depth.

As this bulb retains its foliage the whole year, it does not require a season of rest like most of the Amaryllids; it further does not require annually repotting, but may be left in the same pot for years; in fact, I think it grows stronger, and flowers with more freedom, when so treated. They are increased by offsets, which are produced very freely.

Hull, Sept. 1849. H. S. Norman.