As winter will soon approach us, perhaps the following plan of wintering the Carnation may prove acceptable. My frame stands on legs, and has a false bottom eight inches from the ground, well drilled with a 1 1/4inch auger. On this bottom I put a layer of potsherds and brick-rubbish, and on these my pots (48's, each containing two plants) are placed. I then fill up to the rims with a compost of three parts cinder-ashes and one part sawdust, with a small quantity of powdered charcoal, all well mixed. In this mixture the plants may be watered without the least fear of injury from mildew, etc, as the water passes off freely, and no damp is generated in the frame from the earth beneath. In this way I have grown Carnations, etc. for a number of years, and have always had an extremely healthy stock. I have false bottoms in my frames, because I use them for other purposes, such as working Dahlias and growing Cucumbers in, etc.

Bermondsey. Alpha.