The Woman Errant


With Illustrations by Will Grete Cloth 12mo $1.50

" The sociology of the book is sound and clever. ... 'The Woman Errant' is a bright, inspiring book, and deserves to be read by all who have wit enough to grasp ideas levelled at shams and follies."

- New York Evening Sun,

"This clear-visioned writer, calmly surveying life from the wholesome vantage ground of a modest, contented suburban home, is not merely entertaining each year a growing number of appreciative readers, but she is inculcating in her own incisive way much of that same wise and simple philosophy of life that forms the enduring charm of the essays of Charles Wagner."-New York Globe and Commercial Advertiser,

"Barbara, whoever that delightful and gentle humorist is, never loses her temper or becomes bitter; the rapier glances in and out, the light of fancy playing upon its steel, but every thrust tells." - New York Sun.

" Barbara has a kindly humor, a racy way of putting things, and occasionally a touch of unaffected pathos."-Providence Journal.

" A mine of quaint fancies and unexpected turns of wit."

- Chicago Tribune

"Full of snap and go and very entertaining." - Boston Herald.

" Barbara is always fresh and delightful, compelling the reader to breathe the big spaces out of doors." -New York Times.




People Of The Whirlpool


With Eight Full-page Illustrations Cloth 12mo $1.50

"It cannot be that all the life which is grouped about the garden is fiction; there must be some background of reality somewhere; the story is too vital, too full of realism, too true to the life to be entirely a work of imagination. . . . The book is delightful in several ways; its prose style is sunny, optimistic, thoroughly happy in its philosophy of life, in its wit and humor, and the fidelity of its portraiture. All together it is a most charming volume." Brooklyn Eagle.

"The whole book is delicious, with its wise and kindly humor, its just perspections of the true values of things, its clever pen pictures of people and customs, and its healthy optimism for the great world in general."

- Philadelphia Telegraph.

"It is peculiar in treatment, very quaint in style, and refreshingly original in every detail. ... It will be thoroughly liked by the judges of what is best." Buffalo Commercial.

"They who have read 'The Garden of a Commuter's Wife' know what to expect in this,' The Experience Book' of the same delightful Barbara, but to the uninitiated who light upon the book without preconceived ' notions' of what it is, it will come with a double note of delight."

- New York Times.

The Macmillan Company



The Garden Of A Commuter's Wife Recorded By The Gardener

With Bight Photogravure illustrations

Cloth, 12mo. $1.50

"The Garden of a Commuter's Wife' is a legend that gives no hint of the wit and wisdom and graceful phrase within its covers. The Commuter's charming woman writes of her suburban garden, her original servants, and various other incidents which come in the course of living in a thoroughly human way. She reminds one of Elizabeth of ' German Garden ' fame in more ways than one, but being American she is broader, more versatile and humorous, if not also more poetic. It breathes an air of cheery companionship, of flowers, birds, all nature, and the warm affection of human friendship. Its philosophy is wholesome, unselfish, and kindly, and the Commuter's Wife, who writes her own memoirs, is one we would be glad to number among our friends." - Chicago Post.

" By the inevitable action and reaction so interesting to watch, these books will undoubtedly in their term stimulate many a woman who possesses a small plot of ground, the charms and possibilities of which she now only meagrely appreciates, to ' go and do likewise.' Which will be an excellent thing for the woman herself, as well as for the professional gardeners whom our new schools will raise up to pull their dilettante sisters out of bogs." - Boston Budget,

"In brief, the book is delightfully sketchy and chatty, thoroughly feminine and entrancing. The writer represents herself as a doctor's daughter in a country town, who has married an Englishman, and after two years abroad has come home to live. Both husband and wife prefer the country to the city, and they make of their modes estate a mundane paradise of which it is a privilege to have a glimpse. Surely it is no exaggeration to characterize this as one of the very best books of the holiday season thus far." - Providence Journal,

" It is written with charm and is more than a mere treatise on what may be raised in the small lot of the suburban resident.

"The author has not only learned to appreciate nature from intimate association, but has achieved unusual power of communicating these facts to others. There is something unusually attractive about the book."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer,



By The Same Author

At The Sign Of The Fox


With Frontispiece in Colors Cloth 12mo $1.50

"Her little pictures of country life are fragrant with a genuine love of nature, and there is fun as genuine in her notes on rural character. A travelling pieman is one of her most lovable personages; another is Tatters, a dog, who is humanly winsome and wise, and will not soon be forgotten by the reader of this very entertaining book."

- New York Tribune.

"... is'the story of the plucky daughter of a country-bred New Yorker of affairs and a Brooke of Virginia, ... a lovable girl, full of both romance and common sense. ... It is an admirable book for the summer season or any other" - Boston Daily Advertiser.

" This story possesses, in common with its delightful predecessors,' The Garden of a Commuter's Wife' and 'The People of the Whirlpool,' the charm of freshness, genuine love of a wholesome and simple life, keen appreciation of the joys of out-of-doors, a gentle and sound sense of humor, and true perception of character." - Louisville Times.

" In skilful portrayal of types, in sharp but smiling shafts at the foibles and artificialities of modern society, in a rarely delicate humor, in a wholesome love of out-of-doors and all God's creatures, human or unhuman, and, above all, in the gentle preachment of a very sane and beautiful philosophy, - in all the qualities, in short, that make the charm and excellence of 'Barbara's' other books, her new one will not be found wanting."

- New York Globe.


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