This is a very fine and richly coloured form of 0. Insleayi, introduced to our collections by Messrs James Backhouse & Son of York. In habit, it is nearly identical with 0. Insleayi, but its large massive flowers are far superior in point of colouring. The sepals and petals are of a pale green colour, heavily barred and blotched with rich shining brown, while the bright golden lip is superbly blotched with rich velvety crimson. I saw this noble plant growing freely, in the new Mexican house of Messrs James Backhouse & Son at York, a short time ago, and it was by them exhibited the other day at South Kensington in fine condition, bearing five flower-spikes, and nearly twenty flowers. This will undoubtedly prove an effective plant when it gets thoroughly established.

We have a few more new and rare Orchids to notice, but must defer them until our next paper. F. W. B.