The following climbers will be most likely to suit your purpose, although we doubt the air of your hall will be too dry to grow them well: Tac-sonia van volxemii and T. Exoniensis; Passiflora caerulea and P. Campbellii; Jasminum grandiflorum; Habrothamnus elegans; and Plumbago capensis. You must either have sunken recesses for a few bushels of soil round each pillar, or large ornamental vases or pots that will hold a bushel of soil for each plant. All the plants named will do in equal parts good friable loam and leaf-mould, with a quart of bone-meal to each bushel of soil. You can grow the Nymphaea odorata in basins of glass or earthenware with a few inches of loam and some pounded charcoal in the bottom of each. The water must be kept sweet and fresh by constant renewal.