Lythrum Salicaria Roseum Superbum (Loosestrife)

This is one of the finest hardy herbaceous plants that we have. It is a stately-looking plant - well-established plants of it growing to 4 feet in height. The stems are very stiff, and in sheltered positions it can be grown without much, if any, support. It produces its long spikes of dark-rosy flowers in July and August. It thrives, like other Lythrums, best in rather damp deep soil; and where these conditions of soil do not exist, it requires to be well watered in dry weather.

Galega Officinalis Alba (Goat's Rue)

This is also a stately and most effective back-line plant in mixed borders. It produces its handsome spikes of white flowers for a long time in succession. It is a Pea-flower (Leguminosae), and is an excellent plant for supplying graceful racemes of white flowers for mixing in glasses or any of the purposes for which cut-flowers are used. Blooms from June till September.

Anthemis Tinctoria

This is a very brilliant golden-yellow daisy-looking plant (a Chamomile) that forms a graceful bush about 2 feet high, and flowers most profusely; and now that single blooms are more in fashion, it should be a favourite. At all events it is a most effective border plant, producing blooms about the size of the Marguerite Daisy. Blooms in July and early part of August.

Oenothera Speciosa (One Of The Evening Primroses)

This is a most showy white flower. It grows about 2 feet high, and produces large blooms - quite 3 inches across - for a long time, from June till the middle or end of August.

Trollius Davaricus

As far as colour is concerned this is particularly rich - a bright orange-yellow. The flowers are large and open, more than 2 inches across. Height about 16 inches. Blooms in July and August, and is a most effective plant for mixed borders.

Geranium Armenium

A compact but vigorous-growing, distinct, and very beautiful plant. Leaves handsomely laciniated, and strong branching flower-stems, about 18 inches high. Flowers rich purplish rose, with black centres. July and August.