Cucumbers - Sion House Improved, Volunteer, Telegraph. Melons, red-fleshed - Scarlet Gem, Malvern Hall; green-fleshed - Bromham Hall, Golden Queen, Cocoa-nut, Onion, Dr Hogg.

A Reader #1

Any respectable nursery firm can supply them good. We cannot recommend tradesmen.

A Reader #2

We cannot afford to act on your suggestion. We give 48 pages monthly of original matter, and the addition you refer to could not be carried out unless we doubled the price, and then we think the addition would be a poor sixpence-worth.

A Reader #3

Sow your Calceolaria seed about the 12th of August in a pan, using equal proportions loam and leaf-mould, with a little sand. Sow without covering on a moderately smooth surface, and cover with a bell-glass, and shade and keep moist. When it vegetates, remove the bell-glass, and place the pan in a shady corner of a frame or pit near the glass, with plenty of air. Prick off as soon as they can be handled into pans or boxes.

A Reader #4

The greenhouse plant is Abutilon Thomsonii. The shrub was in so battered a state - in a dry wooden box, without any packing to keep it fresh - that all we can make out concerning it is that it belongs to the Cru-ciferse. Send fresh specimen, properly packed.

A Reader #5

The excrescence in your Vine-leaves is caused by a too moist atmosphere and insufficient ventilation, and those who tell you that it will not do your Vines any harm are blind leaders of the blind. Keep your vinery less damp and give more air, and, though it will not cure the foliage already affected, it will check the progress of the evil.