Allusion being made in your January number to this fine hard-wooded plant by "W. S.," with your permission I would say a few more words in its favour. It is without exception the most graceful and useful of the genus Acacia; for not only is it so in a flowering state, but from the time the young growths arrive to maturity in May, till it opens its flowers in March and April, its beauty and utility is continuous. I have sent you a branch of it, which will give you an idea of what great use it may be put to, and more especially in large establishments where large quantities of floral decoration are constantly wanted. I find nothing so effective for fringing a nosegay as this: forming a ground-work for other flowers; hanging gracefully from candelabra on the dinner-table; Christmas decoration for fringing miniature or family portraits - for it has the rare quality of standing fresh and living-like without water for a considerable time - and a hundred other ways that will readily occur to the floral decorator. It is raised from seed, but it must previously be soaked in boiling water; warm water is not sufficient.

An Australian friend sent me some Acacia seed, and with this piece of information - "Pour boiling water on the seed before sowing, or you sow disappointment." H. Knight.

Floors Gardens.

[A very elegant and useful plant. - Ed].