This is a free-growing and robust species, of dwarf habit, and has just flowered with F. B. Dodgeson, Esq., Blackburn, an enthusiastic collector of orchidaceous plants. It was first exhibited at the show of the Blackburn Horticultural Society, May 28th of the present year. It is one of Messrs Law's introductions, and has been greatly admired by all Orchid fanciers who have had an opportunity of seeing it. Its leaves are from 5 to 9 inches long, and are of great substance, the youngest being slightly tinged with brown, and dotted with purplish brown at the base. The flower-spike is slender and pendulous, bearing in the specimen alluded to twenty fine flowers, similar in form to those of A. (falcatum) Larpentae, but larger, and of a much deeper colour. The sepals, petals, and middle lobe of the lips are of a deep, rich, amethyst-purple tint, shading into white at the base of the segments. The lateral lobes of the lip are of a pale lilac, mottled with rosy purple. The flower-spike is about 14 to 16 inches long, and the flowers themselves are mo3t deliciously perfumed.

It is at present rare in collections.