Sir, - At Salisbury Green, the beautiful seat of William Nelson, Esq., a magnificent specimen of the above may be seen. At present it grows out of a 14-inch pot, and 47 of its spathes are adorned with flowers. Mr Currie, chief gardener, informed me that he purchased it five years ago, and at that time it grew out of a 3-inch pot; so its growth, during the period that has elapsed since its obtainment by Mr Currie, has been all that could be desired. If any of the readers of the ' Gardener' have ever seen such an excellent specimen of the Anthurium Scherzerianum as the one to which I have referred, will they be kind enough to say so. S. W.

Anthurium Scherzerianum #1

One of the finest plants of this fine stove-plant I have ever seen is in the collection of Sigismund Schloss, Esq. of Bowdon, Cheshire. This plant bore seventy spathes when I saw it a week or two ago; and the head-gardener, Mr James Campbell, informed me that it was not at its best, having, on one occasion, borne over 100 of its bright scarlet bracts. It was originally a very small plant, presented to Mr Schloss, along with other choice exotics, as a birthday gift; and it would seem as if the good wishes of the donors to the receiver had, in some measure, been partaken of by the plant. Fine specimens of this plant are often shown by Messrs Cole & Sons, Mr T. Baines, T. M. Shuttle-worth, Esq., and other well-known exhibitors; but I have never seen the above surpassed in size, or in the number of its brilliant spathes.

F. W. B.