Arabis Albida And Alpina are considerably larger growers than either of the Aubrietias, but in general style of growth they are similar. They are by no means so neat, but by careful trimming and annual renewing of the stock by means of cuttings, they are trim plants of three or four inches in height. The former is the stronger of the two. Both have their leaves in rosulate tufts at the extremities of the branches, and they are of a light hoary green. They are splendid plants for spring flowering, continuing from March till June. Considering the profusion and long continuance of their display, it may reasonably be wondered why they are so seldom met with in use as spring bedders. There are variegated forms of both, but Alpina is the best of the two, both in the normal colour and variegated.

Arabis Lucida

Arabis Lucida has a variegated form which is one of the most beautiful of all hardy variegated perennials. It is somewhat difficult to keep, but is worth trying to keep, being always fresh and attractive. The plants should be propagated from cuttings, annually renewing the stock in the beds every spring, or at bedding-out time. A dry, moderately light soil suits it best; but extreme drought is inimical to its wellbeing. The flowers should not be permitted to develop in this form; they weaken the plant much, and very often lead to its destruction; they are, besides, in no sense ornamental.