We are glad to be able to give an engraving taken from a photograph of this most graceful and distinct of all Aralias yet introduced. It was found by the late Mr John Gould Veitch in New Caledonia.

As will easily be observed, from its upright slender growth and most graceful habit, it cannot fail to be one of the most useful decorative and exhibition plants of its class, and for dinner-table decoration it will be invaluable. It is easy of cultivation, and does best in an intermediate stove temperature. Of course the stock is still in the hands of Messrs Veitch. It will have been observed from our reports that it has been awarded first-class certificates at the Royal Botanic and Royal Horticultural Societies of London, where it was much admired as a great acquisition among decorative plants.

Aralia Veitchii.

Fig. 21. - Aralia Veitchii.