I have found those excellent and instructive papers on the Rose from the able pen of S. R. H., which recently appeared in the ' Gardener,' to be sources of great delight and gratification as I perused them. The means by which Roses can be grown have been so well expressed that I believe hundreds of recruits will be added to the armies of our Queen; and I do not hesitate to say that very many rosarians join with me in tendering hearty thanks to S. R. H. for his admirable advice and suggestions. What I wish to ask is this: Is it possible that classes specially for the artisan and cottager Rose-growers could be included in the schedules of our great shows as well as those for the amateur growers and nurserymen? There are thousands of artisans and cottagers who devote a great deal of time to the cultivation of their favourite flowers, and especially to the Rose; and I do not see why they should be debarred from exhibiting at the Crystal Palace and other great shows. I trust there is to be found some kind gentleman who will take the matter up and secure this privilege for us.

An Artisan, Leicester.

[We imagine our correspondent to mean that he and others desire there should be incorporated with our large shows an exhibition specially for the class of growers he represents. It is worthy a trial, say at the Rose show of the Royal Horticultural Society in June next; but money for special prizes would have to be obtained, and then it is extremely doubtful if the amount would be large enough to induce artisans to come all the way from Leicester, for instance, to exhibit. Surely there are classes in the schedules of the horticultural exhibitions held at Leicester in which our artisan friends could exhibit; or, if they are numerous enough, they should organise a Rose exhibition among themselves, similar to the one held at Nottingham at Easter, and so capitally described by S. R. H. Let them try, and inform us how they succeed. - Eds].