This beautiful hybrid Begonia was raised by the Messrs Veitch, and is the result of a cross between the well-known B. Boliviensis and B. Sedeni. It is a free-growing variety of excellent habit. The flowers are large and of a bright glossy red colour. It is very free in growth, and continues to bloom the whole summer and autumn, consequently its value as a decorative plant is certain to insure for it extensive cultivation. Our figure is from a photograph, for which we are indebted to the Messrs Veitch. This and some of its congeners, such as B. Sedeni, Boliviensis, B. Weltoniensis, etc, are most useful plants, blooming as they do throughout the autumn and winter, when bloom is comparatively scarce; and they have the additional recommendation of being easily propagated and grown on into strong flowering plants.

Begonia Chelsoni.

Fig. 25. - Begonia Chelsoni.