The value of large numbers of our common flowers is entirely lost sight of. It is not so generally known as it should be that annual Candytufts are invaluable for furnishing a supply of cut flowers during the winter, and that their cultivation is attended with very little trouble. The seed must be sown early in the autumn in small pots, and when the plants are about 2 inches high, thin them out to three plants to each pot; and after those remaining are nicely rooted, shift into 5-inch pots without dividing them. Stand the pots upon a bed of ashes until the end of September, and then remove to a cold frame, and give plenty of air in favourable weather. In a mild winter they will flower very freely in a cold frame, but in ordinary winters a heated pit is necessary to prevent the plants being brought to a stand-still for lack of warmth, and also to enable the frames to be ventilated sufficiently to keep the growth dwarf and stocky; but there must, however, be no "forcing " in the ordinary acceptance of the term. - The Gardeners' Magazine.