A fine specimen of this magnificent Orchid has recently flowered at Bothwell Castle. It had 22 blooms open on it at once. Three spikes had 4, three had 3 blooms each; and one leaf, where there was no appearance of a stem or spike, showed 2 blooms, but brought only one to perfection. We should be glad to hear if a specimen of this Cat-tleya has ever been known to produce so many flowers. A more beautiful Orchid than this, with its 22 flowers, could scarcely be conceived; and it is one of the many fine specimens Mr Turnbull has grown with the most ordinary accommodation - at one time a shelf over a flue which heated a fruiting Pine-stove. Probably the finest Miltonia spectabilis ever produced was grown over this flue thirty-six years ago. If we remember correctly it had over 130 blooms open at once. D. T.