Celery has been a continual plague to me for the last year or two. Big Celery has been wanted, and in growing big sorts I have miserably failed, as the plants would go in for seed-production some months before their time. I once had a pinch of Sulham Prize Pink to try, and thought highly of it. This year I have it and Major Clarke's Solid Red, a kind which never fails, though not large, for the main supply. The former is the finest I have ever yet had, - large, strong, and healthy, and only one plant in 1200 run to seed. In my endeavours to reach large Celery I have tried various ways of preparing the soil in the trenches, and find nothing better than this : Prepare a mixture of half mushroom-dung and half cow-manure, fresh loam if it can be had, one barrow-load each of soot and burnt-wood ashes to ten of the dung, and some chemical manure rich in phosphates; this is laid on 6 inches thick and mixed thoroughly into the soil by digging, A layer of mushroom-manure is laid on the surface and worked round the roots of the plants when put out.