This is a dwarf-growing, early-flowering variety of the common winter-flowering Chrysanthemum, with very double, medium - sized, neatly formed flowers, which are borne in great profusion from July till destroyed by frost. As a pot-plant it is a very effective and desirable subject; but is most useful and effective as a mixed border-plant, and for large beds. It grows about 18 inches in height, branches freely, and is as rigid in habit almost as a young thorn-tree. It stands ordinary winters in the open borders, and during the most severe weather will live with very slight protection. For mixing into borders of hardy plants it has no equal as a bright yellow flower; while for lines and large beds it is splendid, and the wonder is that it is not more extensively used as a decorative border-plant. There are several other varieties that bloom at the same early date, but precocite is the most effective and useful. Still the others, being of various colours, are also desirable.

C. delphine caboche, a purplish-rose variety, is a little taller than precocite. C. illustratim is about 18 inches high, having pink flowers with orange centre; this is a very effective variety. C. indicum nanum has immense and very double white flowers, and is of neat compact growth. C. Scarlet Gem has rather dull crimson flowers, and is dwarf and stiff in habit. These varieties of Chrysanthemums should be grown by all lovers of mixed borders. Precocite and indicum nanum are the best; but all are worth a place, and can be grown with very little trouble. Of course, to enable them to keep on blooming for months, they require generous treatment, and watering in hot dry weather; but this applies to most border-plants.

A. P.