Having been a subscriber to the journal since its commencement, and having derived much information from its columns, my object in writing is to remind you of a plant that is largely cultivated amongst your readers, which has never been alluded to in the Journal, and I wish very much you would give a few cultural notes regarding its treatment and cause of disease. I have cultivated the Cineraria for a number of years in succession, but the two last years the leaves have been infested with a sort of maggot inside the leaves, that I have had to pick them entirely off to get rid of them; by being denuded of the large leaves, they lose that graceful appearance they would otherwise have. I have never seen any work which made any allusions to the above. "Would you give your opinion on the matter, along with a few hints on their culture? and from time to time make greenhouse plants the theme of your work, and you will oblige your humble servant, W. H.

[Will any of our readers or correspondents favour us with their experience?]

X. Y. Z. would be much obliged if the Editor of the ' Gardener' would give him some directions how to get moss out of a lawn. The land is high, but watery, and moss grows too freely by far.