As a rafter-plant in a cool house this is a most useful and ornamental flowering-plant. It comes into bloom in a cool fernery (where no fire-heat is applied in summer) about the beginning of August; and grown in this cool way, it lasts a long time in bloom. By having a plant or two on the rafters of the warm stove where it blooms in spring, and again in autumn, this lovely climber may be had in bloom the greater part of the year. For cutting and mixing with Bougainvillea glabra it is most useful, and if the two plants are bloomed near each other, the effect of the two colours is very chaste.

Begonias of the ornamental - foliaged or Rex type are not so much made use of as they might be. They are so extremely easy to grow, and so clean and fresh-looking, that scarcely any other plant is better adapted for growing below stages, by the sides of passages, or any - often bare and unsightly - places in all houses that are slightly above the temperature of a greenhouse. They even do under gratings where such are used for paths; and dotted here and there under stages, with the general surface covered with Selaginella denticulata, few things are more effective. All unsightly or bare places on the floor-level of plant-houses can thus be clothed with very pleasing and refreshing-looking verdure.