Mr Dunn, of Dalkeith Gardens, was entertained to dinner by the Scottish Horticultural Association in Edinburgh on the 9th March, in compliment to the efficient manner in which he has occupied the position of president of the Society, and for the great services he has rendered it since its commencement. Mr John Downie, who has succeeded Mr Dunn as president, occupied the chair. About 80 sat down to dinner. The chairman, in proposing the toast of the occasion, referred in fitting terms to the great interest Mr Dunn bad taken in the Society, and to its successful results, stating that the members now are over 500. He also referred to the high position Mr Dunn holds in horticulture generally, to the efficiency with which he manages Dalkeith Gardens, and the great interest he takes in young men under his charge. Mr Dunn feelingly replied, and congratulated the Society on Mr Downie's advent to the presidentship, which will no doubt continue to flourish under the leadership of such an experienced and successful horticulturist as Mr Downie has proved himself to be.