Cotoneasters are, when planted into a shrubbery or in a border, generally very straggling, and far from neat growers; but they are well suited for a wall when well attended to, and kept well fastened up.

Cotoneaster Microphylla

Cotoneaster Microphylla makes an excellent cover for a wall. We have seen a plant of it covering a wall 4 yards wide by over 5 yards high. This plant gives a greater variety of change with the seasons of the year than either the Yew or Arborvitas. It can seldom be trained to have anything like the same loose graceful appearance, not covering the wall so thickly as the two first named. However, its close and generally very regular flowering habit during summer, and being all studded over during the dull winter months with its lively reddish berries, makes it a very valuable plant, adding variety and interest as the season changes.