On Tuesday the 10th, Mr George Green, gardener to the Venerable Archdeacon Fitzgerald, of Charton Mackrell, near Somerton, Somerset, gathered from the rectory garden his first dish of green Peas for this season, grown in the open border, their only shelter having been the garden wall. This season being generally pronounced late, the 10th of May will be considered extremely early for green Peas. They were sown on the 22d of last November. Cobbett gives (in his ' Gardener's Guide') the 4th of June as very good work for Peas in the open border. "In the old garden at Brympton d'Everecy, when I lived there as a boy, we used to get them about the end of May, which was considered very early for outdoor Peas." The beautiful rain which we have had has caused great progress in the crops here. Under Kendall's ground vineries I have Strawberries nearly ripe; they were turned out of the pots and planted in the ground on the 1st of March. Every villa garden ought to have them, the vineries being so cheap, and easily put up. - T. S., Hermeston House, Yeovil.