The prizes offered by Mr W. Egerton Hubbard, jun., through the medium of the Royal Horticultural Society, have been awarded as follows - viz., For an Essay on Cottage Gardening, the prize of 5 to Mr E. W. Badger, Midland Counties Herald, Birmingham. For an Essay on Window-Gardening, the prize of 3 to Mr H. Buttery, Clapham. For the former prize thirty-four Essays were sent in, of which number those from Mr W. Payres, Nottingham, and Mr E. Luckhurst, Egerton House Gardens, Kent, were highly commended: and those from Mr D. F. Fish, Hardwicke House, Bury St Edmunds; Mr A. Meikle, Read Hall, Whalley; Mr P. Grieve, Culford; and Mr W. Early, Dingswell, were severally commended. For the Window-Gardening prize, eighteen Essays were contributed, that from Mr D. F. Fish being highly commended; and those from Mr E. Luckhurst, Egerton House Gardens; Mr A. Meikle, Read Hall; and Mr W. Moss, Shelfield, Wickham, Hants, were commended. In several of the other cases under both heads, good practical papers were sent in.