Water those in full bearing with guano and manure-water alternately. Keep the atmosphere moist, and give air when the temperature exceeds 75°. The night temperature is sufficiently high at 65°. Sow for succession crops. A good plan is to sow in 3 or 4 inch pots, and to shift them into 8-inch pots. Managed in this way, they generally come earlier into a bearing state than when sown in large pots partially filled with soil, and moulded up after they have grown considerably above the mouth of the pot. They can be sown thickly in boxes, and transplanted, five and six into 8-inch pots, in which to bring their crops to maturity; and where room in heat is scarce, this is a good plan. In all cases keep them near the glass, and watch for red-spider, which must be kept in check by the usual ways of syringing and sulphuring. D. T.

French Bean Forcing #1

Water those in full bearing more liberally, and every alternate time with manure-water made of guano or sheep's dung. Syringe on fine afternoons, to keep them clean. French Beans like warmth, and do well in any light place in vineries or other forcinghouses; but owing to their great tendency to be infested with red-spider, they should not be placed near the foliage of Vines, Melons, or Cucumbers, if it can be avoided. Sow and transplant or repot for succession crops. Fulmers' Early Forcing, Sion House, and Negro, are all good forcing varieties.

French Bean Forcing #2

A quantity of these should now be turned out into beds of soil, in frames, to keep up the supply. This is, however, best deferred till towards the end of the month in most localities. Those bearing in pots must be well syringed and watered with manure-water everyday, and turned out immediately they cease bearing.