You should get some practical treatise on the Vine and study it, as your questions pretty nearly require such to answer them. So far you have done very well, but to tell you how to treat the Vines from now till the time the crop is cut would pretty well fill our whole number. The best way to nourish or "feed" your Vines is to dress with rich farmyard manure, and water with the drainings of the same and guano-water alternately. Make up the remainder of your border with brown loamy turf from an old pasture with a cwt. of bones to every 5 or 6 cart-load, and make it 2 1/2 ft. deep. This could be done in autumn as soon as the crop is cut. Get 'A Practical Treatise on the Grape Vine,' published by Messrs William Blackwood & Sons, and it will keep you right on all points.