Unfortunately these are not in request in many establishments. I say unfortunately, for it is a matter of regret they are not, as they give a variety to the list of vegetables daily required, at a time when much needed, and are besides very wholesome, and can be made delicious. What are usually supplied by seedsmen, if Haricot Beans are ordered, are tall growing, and require stakes; but any kind of white Beans are suitable, and I prefer the White Dutch or Caseknife to the much smaller-seeded White Haricot. Last season the seed ripened badly in many gardens, which of course injuriously affected the quality; and to guard against a recurrence of this, I recommend the growth of a quantity either of a dwarf or runner Bean on a warm border, the latter to have all running growth pinched back whenever made. Carter's White Advancer may well be grown for its seed, as it is a dwarf heavy cropper, and matures somewhat early. Of course the pods of this, or of any other white-seeded variety, can be used when in a young state, but it is not advisable to pick many, or the crop of seed will be late. In many instances the warm borders are limited in extent - room cannot therefore be spared for a crop of Haricot Beans : in such cases they may be tried in a warm open position.

Here, much of a long south border I found occupied with Winter Spinach; but as we cannot afford to destroy this, I shall follow with Beans, principally for seed, and shall consider the space profitably employed. W. Iggulden.