We are authorised to state that the Horticultural Congress, proposed some time since in our columns, will be held under the auspices of the Royal Horticultural Society, and under the management of a small select committee. Mr Thomas Moore will act as secretary. The Congress will hold its first meeting at Manchester, in July next; and should this prove to be successful, as it must do if gardeners and horticulturists will but give it their support and goodwill, then the Horticultural Congress, with its beneficial influences on gardeners and gardening, will become an annual institution. We shall in due time announce the arrangements which may be determined on. - Gardeners' Chronicle.

[We think such a meeting as is here proposed may lead to important results, especially if the subjects discussed are of a thoroughly practical character, and the papers or speeches, as the case may be, confined to a length that will not occupy more than fifteen minutes. Pure botany should be avoided, as should such subjects as are purely philosophical; for it must be remembered that nine-tenths of the audience is likely to be composed of practical men, who are not over-tolerant of subjects that don't directly interest them. - Ed].