This is a pretty and free-flowering little plant, in habit of growth resembling Odontoglossum roseum, while its flowers at first sight remind one of an Epidendrum. It is a native of Eastern Peru, and was found by Dr Spruce in the volcanic mountains of the Upper Amazons, hence its specific name. The vivid rose or rosy purple flowers are borne on a slightly branched spike 12 to 18 inches long, the sepals and petals being nearly an inch long in well-grown specimens. It grows freely in the cool house along with the Odontoglots, and is very effective about March or April. I saw a fine imported plant flowering freely last spring with T. A. Titley, Esq. of Leeds, and it has flowered in several other collections before and since. The plant has been largely imported, and should find its way into the best collections as a useful cool-growing Orchid of easy culture. F. W. B.