This is a diminutive but very pretty Forget-me-Not. It forms a neat tuft about 3 inches high, with small dark-green hairy leaves and deep-blue flowers, slightly fragrant - the latter quality most noticeable at night. It is best adapted to pot-culture among choice Alpines in a cold frame. The protection of a frame in winter is of most importance, because it is apt to perish of wet in the open ground. In summer, when making its growth, it will bear abundance of water, and must have it in plenty if free growth is to be encouraged, but the drainage should be very good. On well-constructed rockwork it will succeed better than on level borders, and may be left out in winter if care is taken to cover it in prolonged wet weather with a cloche or bell glass. Gritty loam is the most congenial soil for it. It is an old plant, but rare.