This section of the Pansy is fast rising in public favour, indeed threatening to supersede the much-esteemed " Show " division. The "Fancy," though less refined to the eye of a connoisseur than the Show, has two qualifications which are of much importance. These are, superior vigour of growth, and the wonderful splendour and wide range of colours which they embrace. In regard to "finish," of late years this is very much improved. For example, compare the new Fancy, called John B. Downie, and it will be seen that it closely approaches the criterion by which Pansies are judged. Mrs B. Brooks, a large flat expansive flower, with a proportionable great blotch of black, glossed by crimson purple, which gloss extends over the lower portion of its sulphur edge; upper portion washed with bronze crimson and purple, which commingle, and leave a clear border margin of pale sulphur, eye yellow, small, of nice uniformity. Picotee, - this is the greatest novelty of the season, which is borne out when considering its tracings, which proceed from the blotch unbroken to the verge, forming a rare network delightful to look at; blotch large, uniform, colour rich indigo blue, bordered with sulphur, thickly overspread with dark veins, edged with a neat lacing of deep purple, eye clear orange, feathered neatly, size much above the average, surface smooth, solid, and glossy.

Mrs Hunter, yellow ground of superior merit, blotch shining, brownish black on the wing petals, which changes to a shade lighter of same colour on the under petal, which show clear veins of maroon, eye large, orange margin brilliant yellow, broken with bronze yellow, and spots of mauve. Mrs Neilson has been honoured with 5 first-class certificates, and is generally considered the most beautiful of the Fancies. The blotch is brilliant violet-purple, veined regularly with deep indigo, encircled with a broad margin band of French white, unbroken all round the flower; eye clear yellow, and conspicuous on the upper division of the flower are deep markings of shining purple. Stephen Nairn, ground imperial yellow, blotch shining velvety black, eye yellow, margin bronze dashes, with golden bronze. Richard Deans, a massive flower, ground chrome yellow, blotch dark maroon, velvety upper petal clouded with rich mahogany, fine. Thomas Granger, a beautifully finished flower of the rich wallflower-brown type; blotch intense glossy-black, eye yellow, bound by a belt of deep Indian red, tinged faintly with bronze, under petal furnished with a thread lacing of bright yellow, fine substance, extra. Mrs Bul-len is furnished with an extra large blotch, which nearly covers the lower petals.

Colour indigo, blending to black towards the centre, with lighter rays adjoining the margin; upper petals splashed purple on a sulphur ground, while the entire petal is encompassed by a band of rich yellow. Mrs M'Nee: this worthy flower of the white ground type exhibits a large blotch of glossy dark blue, changing to black near the eye, which latter is yellow, of small dimensions, beautifully exact in form, and without radiating streaks. The upper portion is furnished with markings of violet purple, surrounded by a margin belt of white, which extends over the undermost petals also; texture solid and polished. A large bold circular flower without a wrinkle.

A. Kerr.