Last year I sent to ' The Gardener' a few notes on the varieties of Potatoes we had then under trial. It having been a very unfavourable season for Potatoes, as well as for most other crops, I decided to give them a further trial this year, along with a good many other varieties. This season may be considered a fair average one for Potatoes. I may mention, however, that from some local cause Potatoes are peculiarly liable to disease in the garden here: even in the most favourable seasons we are almost sure to have less or more disease, although there should not be any in the neighbourhood. Our soil is somewhat heavy, but on a dry bottom, consisting of sand and gravel, the good soil varying from 2 feet up to 4 or 5 feet. We are much closed in by trees, however, especially to the north, west, and south, and a 14-feet wall all round the garden, so that it may possibly arise from being too well sheltered.

The varieties I have enumerated below were mostly all grown on the same piece of ground, were all planted at the same time, and nearly all taken up at the same time - viz., the beginning of September. I have been thus late in sending the report, in order to see how they would keep after being stored, as they were all but free from disease when taken up. Some of the varieties I had last year nearly all went off diseased after I had written the report.