There is a young wood which forms the north boundary of the flower-garden here planted about eight years ago with various varieties of trees, the growth of some of which have been so rapid, that it may be worth recording, for the benefit of your readers. The place is open to the north, but sheltered in every other direction, and the soil is a yellow loam resting on a sandstone bottom. A Wellingtonia gigantea has attained a height of 20 ft. 9 in.; another, 20 ft. 3 in.; and a third, 19 ft. 9 in. Several Larch-trees have reached a height of 26 ft.; a Balsam Poplar, 25 ft.; a Lombardy Poplar, 34 ft. 6 in.; Spruce, 26 ft.; Scotch Fir, 18 ft. 6 in.; a Cupressus macrocarpa, 25 ft.; Cedrus deodara, 15 ft.; a Cryptomeria japonica, 16 ft., and another, 13 ft. 6 in., - and various others of sizes nearly approaching to the above. The plants were all about from 2 to nearly 3 feet high when planted.

While on this subject, I may mention an old Yew-tree which is here, and under which tradition says that the barons met in conclave to concoct the plot which ended in the blowing up of the Kirk-of-Field and the murder of Darnley, the unfortunate consort of Mary, Queen of Scots. The outside circumference of branches is close on 100 yards. The branches radiate from the main trunk at about a height of 10 ft., and sweep down till they rest on the ground all round, leaving a clear open space underneath of 32 ft. diameter; circumference of trunk at 3 ft. from the ground is 10 ft. 7 in.; and the height of the tree is about 42 ft. It is not quite in such vigorous health as it was about twelve years ago. There is a tree of the Eucalyptus viminalis here also, which was about 30 ft. high in 1860, when it was almost killed with severe frost. It was cut over at 9 ft. from the ground, and sprung away again. It is now over 50 ft. high; main trunk is S ft. 6 in. in circumference; one of the branches is 4 ft. 6 in.; another 3 ft.; and a third, 2 ft. 10 in., besides several of lesser dimensions.

There is also a plant of the Garry a elliptica, which measures 21 yards in circumference and 10 ft. high. It stands in quite an exposed. position, as a specimen on grass, and a very fine symmetrical plant it is.

John Garrett. Whittinghame.