By S. Reynolds Hole. William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh and London.

This is a well-got-up volume of 277 pages, and though the greater part of the substance of it appeared in our columns from time to time, we advise all our readers to purchase it.

As an amateur Rose grower and exhibitor, our author has not, and never had, an equal; he has won more than thirty silver cups "open to all England;" and as a writer, his pen is as facile as his friend John Leech's pencil, consequently the book will be read by thousands who care little about Roses, and they will be amply repaid in the literary treat it will afford them.

We quote the Dedication; it is in the author's own style: -

"I dedicate my book to my wife, because

"There's a Rose looking in at the window,

In every condition of life, In days of content and enjoyment,

In hours with bitterness rife.

"Where'er there's the smile of a woman,

As bright as a beam from above, 'Tis the Rose looking in at the window,

And filling the dwelling with love".