An aromatic, hardy Evergreen shrub. It is found abundantly in those countries bordering on the Mediterranean growing on hills, and in dry rocky places. As an herb, it is cultivated only for medicinal purposes. It is very commonly used to prevent baldness, for which purpose an infusion of the sprigs is employed for bathing the head. It is propagated by cuttings of the tops of the shoots in the usual way in spring, but commonly by slips, like Lavender; or the lower branches may be layered, and when rooted they should be planted where they are, and remain 2 feet apart, and watered frequently till established. Keep the plants within proper limits by pruning occasionally. It may also be trained as an ornamental shrub on a wall.

I here conclude my remarks on the Herb Border. Had they been intended as anything more than a brief practical summary of the uses and cultivation of the common kinds of herbs generally cultivated in the garden, I should have deemed it proper to treat the subject in a more methodical manner; but it is hoped they will, to some extent, meet the purpose for which they are intended. J. Simpson.