Muscat Of Alexandria Grapes

At the meeting of the Fruit Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society, held in November, Messrs H. Lane & Son, Berkhampstead, exhibited some splendid examples of Muscat of Alexandria Grapes, which were ripe in June last, and were still plump in appearance, of fine size, and fresh-looking. The flavour was exquisite, and the Committee awarded Messrs Lane & Son a Special Certificate for their production.

Mushroom Culture (Job Surman, Sutton - In -Ashfield)

'How to Grow Mushrooms,' by William Earley, price one shilling; or a very useful pamphlet just issued by Messrs Sutton & Sons, Reading, will, we think, give you all the information you want. You cannot do better than get both.

Myosotis Rapicola

One of the finest of the Forget-me-nots, but not often seen. It forms tufts of dark-green foliage, 2 or 3 inches high, which are covered with the bright blue, yellow-eyed flowers. It is best adapted for rockwork, or culture in pots in shady moist positions. It flowers in May and June. Divide in early autumn, but not very minutely, and by seed sown in spring, or when ripe. It is a very rare British plant, found on the tops of some of our highest mountains. W. S.

N. C

It is not mealy-bug, but a small silvery-winged fly, that infests your Vine leaves. Tobacco-smoke destroys it; but be careful not to fumigate too strongly, or the softer-leaved sorts of Vines may suffer.

Several communications on heating by hot water must be held over till next month for want of space.

N. D

Plant out your Clematis without delay. If your ground is shallow and poor, excavate it to the depth of two feet, and make up with two-thirds loam or good ordinary garden soil and a third of well-rotten manure. The beauty of these fine varieties depends much on liberal culture and close pruning annually.

N. King

Many thanks. We are already supplied.

"A Young Reader" is very anxious for a chapter on the management of Ste-phanotis floribunda. Will any of our correspondents oblige by giving their experience of its culture?

Name Of Pear (A Reader)

Fondante d'Automne, a medium-sized, delicious, melting Pear, having a rich buttery flavour. It should certainly form one of a select collection.

Name Of Plant

"A Tourist" writes: "What is the name of the pretty dwarf yellow-flowering plant now blooming so profusely on the banks of the London and North-Western, and other railways?" We should think, Lotus cornicu-latus. Can you send us a specimen?