This Plum was raised some 60 or 70 years since by the late Mr Sandall, a market-gardener, then living at Crabtree, Fulham. The original tree is now dead. I can vouch for the above, having lived in the neighbourhood for the last 40 years, and I have seen the old tree scores of times. It is, as you say, a good late Plum, but it is not a sure bearer, being surpassed in this respect by Prince of Wales, Victoria, and Mitchelson's (the last especially); and another thing against it (in these fast times), it is at least eight or nine years before it begins to bear. After that time it is a prodigious cropper about once in three years. Any one having half-a-dozen sorts or so cannot do wrong in adding Sandall's, but for a small garden, where there is only room for one Plum,I would say, plant Mitchelson's___'Market Gardener.'

[This also meets the inquiries of J. G. Durham, and a Constant Reader. - Eds].