These need only to be mentioned as being eminently adapted for the decoration of the greenhouse. For pot-culture they are invaluable, and being comparatively easy of cultivation, claim a place in the most unpretending establishment. With us the first blooms opened early in March, from Gloire de Dijon, a strong-growing, free-flowering, and now well-known variety by every one, and we have had a succession from plants of other varieties ever since. Those that have flowered early should be cut back a little and repotted in rich fibry loam, and placed out of doors in a sheltered position well supplied with water both at the roots and overhead. Special care is necessary to keep down green-fly, which otherwise would do much injury; checks from drought will induce it as fast as anything. A good plan is to mulch the surface with rotten cow-dung. They should be taken indoors before damp weather in autumn sets in. Little or no water is required during the winter months, unless in the case of forcing, which was ably referred to on a previous occasion in your pages.

D. M.

Islay, 13th May.