Reference has more than once been made in ' The Gardener' to a Trebbiano Vine at Brayton Hall, Cumberland, which has for several years borne some bunches of grapes, the berries of which have been of extraordinary size for that, or indeed, any other variety. The other bunches on the same Vine have not exceeded in size of berry what Trebbiano usually grows to when well managed. When visiting Brayton this autumn I saw one bunch on this Trebbiano Vine that I certainly would never have taken for that Grape. On inspecting this bunch closely, I could think of no Grape it so much resembled in size and shape of berry as Golden Champion. The berries were immense; some of them I measured by applying a pair of compasses, and found them 1 3/8 inch in diameter, and, of course, something more in length. The berries in many cases showed a tendency to spot and crack just as Golden Champion frequently does. The Vine is growing on its own roots, and has never been grafted with Golden Champion or any other Grape, so that "gemmules" could not get into it in that way. This sport seems to be more persistent at Brayton than at Culford, inasmuch as it has appeared for several successive years at the former, while, so far as I know, it has not appeared a second time at the latter place.

It also protested against being sent from Culford to Tweed Vineyard. Traveller.