Trillium Grandiflorum

A very choice and beautiful plant, somewhat singular as well in structure and aspect. The flowers are pure white, and appear in ordinary seasons in the end of April, and last till the end of May.

Twelve Best Achimenes (Exhibitor)

Ambrose Verschaffelt, Carl Wolfarth, Dazzle, Doctor Hopf, Edmund Boissar, Longiflora major, Mauve Queen, Meteor, Parsonsi, Purpurea elegans, and Sir Treherne Thomas. If the bulbs be placed in heat about March or April, they will start into growth, and can then be potted in 48 or 32-pots, placing six or eight bulbs in a pot. In this way they can be grown on, and will come into bloom so as to succeed the Pelargoniums.

Vallota Purpurea

In the 'Gardener' I find that one of your correspondents wonders why Vallota is called purpurea, as it has no purple about it - but purpurea is really scarlet. The Tyrian purple was a scarlet dye, and to be born in the purple indicates that scarlet is the regal colour. D.

Vanda Spikes Open And Opening At Chatsworth, 14th March


Vanda suavis, ......


" tricolor formosa, .....


" insignis, ......


Largest number on one plant, ....


There are about as many more spikes in later stages.

Veitchs Autumn Giant Cauliflower

Too much cannot be said in favour of this fine Cauliflower, and it certainly is well worthy of its name Autumn Giant. I cut some heads last October which measured from 8 to 10 inches in diameter, beautifully formed, exceedingly white, and of uniform closeness. By making two sowings, one about the middle of April, the other a month later, it will give a supply from the beginning of September up to December. H. Mason.

Bisbrook Hall, Uppingham.


We cannot say what is the cause of your Crocuses coming up as you describe. They will probably come right by-and-by.

Vine Border (G. S.)

By using fresh horse-droppings, either in the composition of your soil, or as a top-dressing for your border, you always incur a danger, more or less according to quantities, etc, of producing fungi, which would be injurious to the roots of your Vines. If you have to use manure, let it be partly decomposed at least.