Early Flat Top. Medium size; color, pale yellow. This is a local apple as far as I know, not finding it among our list of named varieties in bearing. Tree low-headed, needs considerable thinning and rich soil to produce good fruit, one of the earliest apples, and is in market before peaches.

Red Astrachan. Too well known to need description. This is a promising variety, quality and color are good, and size large, and comes before peaches. If this variety proves to be productive, it will be the best early apple for New Jersey.

Sweet Bough. Good bearer, fine apple. Only limited quantities of this variety should be set, as they sell only on the fruit stands, and peaches are plenty at this time.

Woolman's Long. As known in Trenton, and I think, in Philadelphia, is profitable. Rather poor quality, ripe in August.

American Summer Pearmain. Best of its season.

Porter. Only fault, time of year that it ripens.

Cornell's Fancy and William's Favorite. For all pactical purposes either will take the place of both, good growers, productive, September.

Hagloe. Very fine apple, tree slow grower.

Fall Flat Top (or Henry Young). Another local apple, which stands at the head of the list of September and October apples, should be planted in the family orchard especially. This apple does not ripen as evenly as is desirable for market; tree strong grower, fruit large, color green, nearly covered with red stripes, quality best.

White Doctor. Strong grower, productive, fruit large, quality medium, color white.

St. Lawrence. Good grower and bearer, quality good, too small and apt to be knotty; only for home use.

Leland Pippin. Good grower, fruit large, quality good, to be recommended, ripe 1st of September.

Fallawater. Strong grower, productive, very large, fair quality, drops badly unless picked early, profitable.

Rhode Island Greening. Good grower, productive, quality best, ripens here in September.

Baldwin. Strong grower, productive, quality best, must be picked early, and will keep here until Christmas.

Nero. Another Jersey apple, good grower and productive.

Cooper's Market. Good grower and productive, keeps well.

Jersey Russet. Good grower and productive, drops badly before ripening on sandy soil.

Monmouth Pippin. Strong grower, fruit large, and quality good, not a long keeper as a general thing. .

Ladies' Sweeting. Very good keeper.

Smith's Cider. This we place last, thinking that in most orchards in this section for*market apples, every hundred trees ought to have ninety of them of this variety, as it fills the bill for all the season when apples are most in demand. It is ready to market from September 20th, until the first of March. Tree grows about as well as any other variety in the orchard, bears young and abundantly. It will produce more bushels, and bring more money to the acre of trees, than any other of our one hundred varieties now of bearing age. The objections to this apple are, that is not so high flavored as some other varieties, especially when the trees are overloaded with fruit, and this tree is a heavy cropper, often year after year.