We have before given some account of this beautiful Japan shrub, one which will probably prove hardy in our country. The Gardener's Magazine has recently given a wood cut of it, and with the following description: "This interesting hardy Japanese shrub is regarded by hasty observers as a hazel or a near relative of the nut tribe, but. as the seed is a hard capsule, those who watch it through its course learn that in one respect at least it is far removed from the hazels. It is, in fact, a member of the Liquidambar family, and its generic name of Corylopsis refers to the striking resemblance of its leaves to those of a hazel, not to its flowers or fruit.

"Corylopsis spicata is a free-growing shrub possessing considerable beauty, and especially handsome in the spring when its flowers appear, as they bear some resemblance to the elegant in florescence of Garrya. elliptica, being produced in droopuig racemes in the greatest profusion

They appear before the leaves, and are of a pleasing greenish yellow color, pleasantly fragrant, and attractive to the bees. The leaves winch follow are large, subcordate, and of a full green color, like those of the hazel. Those who are now planting will do well to include this use- ful shrub in the list of desiderata for the shrub bery.