The New Palm

At the October meeting of the "Germantown Horticultural Society," the first premium for new and rare plants was awarded to Edwin Lonsdale, florist of that place, for a plant of the beautiful palm, Pritchardia filifera. We think this is the first time it has been exhibited in Philadelphia.

Hydrangea Thomas Hogg

This is a pure white variety of the common form, and will be very popular. We have before had the pink, often a blue, and now a white, giving great variety to this beautiful plant.

Rhyncospermitm Jasminoides

This popular greenhouse plant, which in spite of its long name, has managed to become well-known, will in future have to struggle along under Trachelo-spermum jasminoides.

Remedy For Ants

The papers tell us that "a new industry has been introduced in France - the breeding of ants for their eggs. These eggs are sold to the breeder of pheasants. As yet the business is in the hands of its originator, a woman, and she already appears to be on the high-road to fortune." Perhaps they who are pestered with ants in greenhouses may here see a way out of their little trouble.

Parks In Boston

Boston is in a fair way to have a chain of magnificent public parks. The commission to inquire into the matter report favorably.

Anemone Nemorosa

This beautiful spring-flowering native plant has a great tendency to produce rosy tinted flowers. If closely looked after a real pink native Anemone might be obtained.

Preparing Timber

Mr. Saltonstall, of Massachusetts, has known birch to be used for railroad sleepers, and to last ten years when kyan-ized.

Forest Planting In Massachusetts

Hon. B. Perly Poore some years ago.made a forest of oaks in Massachusetts. We understand it is quite successful, but have no particulars.

Spiraea Sorbifolia

This plant is not uncommon in American gardens, and is usually rather long legged, but otherwise striking. A correspondent of the Gardener's Chronicle treats S-Lindleyana, a species of similar habits, to an annual cutting down, as if it were an herbaceous plant - a practice that would no doubt improve our commoner one.

Hardy Begonias

The well-known old Begonia Evansiana, often known by the absurd name of Beefsteak geranium, is hardy in our part of the world. A companion for it is probably B. Vietchii and varieties, which is said to have lived out several years near London and may do so here.

Pinus Cembra

This is one of the hardiest and most beautiful of pines. It is rather slow of growth, but just the thing where there is not much room to spare.

Wild Gardens

These might be a cheap and pleasant adornment to many a farmer's home. Many plants cannot be grown in our climate when exposed to cold, dry winds. If these plants were set in the borders of blackberry patches, or among similar wild bushes, they would do well. There would always be something to interest one in such a clump as that. The chrysanthemum, which is often killed outright in our open borders, would live out safely in such wild clumps as these.