A London paper tells us: " In the lists of exhibitions announced for 1876, the International gathering at Philadelphia is necessarily the most important. It should prove the most powerful and brilliant demonstration of its class hitherto accomplished, for it has the advantage of new ground and of enormous and long-considered preparations. It is well for international exhibitions in general that our American cousins have taken the matter in hand, for they will break through European traditions, bring new ideas, on what at least to us, is new soil, to an undertaking characterized by new features, and will promote their great work with an energy all their own, untrammelled by the conventionalities of courts and coteries. The strong temptation the exhibition holds out to the more adventurous spirits of the old country will take many of the British westward in the coming summer, although, so far as we can judge up to the present time, there is greater interest felt in the undertaking on the Continent than in this country."