We learn from the Hamburger Gartenzeitang that the fabrication of Flowerpots from a mixture of cow-dung and earth is now extensively practiced in North Germany. As many as 16,000 were used last year in one establishment. For forcing they are highly recommended, though they will not bear plunging in a hot-bed; and they are admirably adapted for nursery work, for plants raised in pots and afterwards turned out, in this case pot and all. Even standing dry the roots of plants will penetrate the sides of the pot, and extract some nourishment from them. They are made by machinery, and one man can make from 700 to 900, or even 1,000, in ten working hours. There are machines for three sizes - 2 inches by 2 (price 8s), 2 3/4 inches broad by 2 1/4 high (price 10s). Since the first introduction of these pots by Mr. Maclvor some years ago we have heard little of their use in this country.- Gardeners' Chronicle.