A. N., Breck-enridge Co., Ky., under date of March 21st, tells us: " Our early-blooming cherries, peaches and plums were in full bloom two weeks ago, but we have had winter for about one week; freezing nights last week, snow on Friday, and nearly all gone by 12 M. Sunday, and at dusk on Sunday snowing commenced and continued 24 hours, or until a fall of about one foot of snow, and this morning it is cold, and a west wind. Heavy west winds most part of last week. Some farmers have their oats sown and they were up and the frost cut them down. Tobacco plants that were up, or sprouted, were killed by the frost, before the snow of last week. Leaves on the apple trees and cherry trees that were out look black and dried this morning. I enclose you bloom of the pear that you may see how disappointed we are for Bloodgoods, also of leaves of the gooseberry. You can judge how forward our season has been up to the last set-in of winter of last week. The last fall of snow continued for about 24 hours. I fear many of the fruit tree are injured by the condition which the sap wai in at the time this cold spell set in."